Best of 2009, immer noch anders

Wie schon 2008 auch heuer (tolles Wort!) meine liebsten Liedzeilen – in 2009 veröffentlicht oder wiederentdeckt:

The Who, I’m One

I got a Gibson without a case
But I can’t get that even tanned look on my face
Ill fitting clothes, I blend in the crowd,
Fingers so clumsy, voice too loud

But I’m One

The XX, Crystalised

Things have gotten closer to the sun, and I’ve done things in small doses
So don’t think that I’m pushing you away, when you’re the one that I’ve kept closest

Prefab Sprout, Music Is A Princess

Music is a princess, I’m just a boy in rags
I would gladly spend my life carrying her flags

The Streets, Fit, But You Know It

But there’s just one little thing that’s really really,
Really really annoying me about you you see,
Yeah yeah like I said you are really fit
But my gosh don’t you just know it

Phoenix, Rome

I stand outside under broken leaves
I know I can’t do without
The future’s trying to wait

Lloyd Cole, Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?

You say you’re so happy now, you can hardly stand
Lean over on the bookcase if you really want to get straight
Read Norman Mailer or get a new tailor

Are you ready to be heartbroken?
Are you ready to bleed?

God Help The Girl, I Just Want Your Jeans

My room faces north, but the sun’s in the south
You are far out of reach, perfect hand, perfect mouth
The boredom, the freedom, the train on the meadow
Please keep me in dreams

I don’t want commitment, I don’t want the drama
I just want your jeans, I just want your jeans

Vic Chesnutt, Panic Pure

At times I might be accused of being painfully nostalgic
but as of late I’m looking forward to the future
thought I’ve never been much of a planner
throwing caution into the fan, catch as catch as catchers can

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Heads Will Roll

Off off off with your head, dance dance dance, till you’re dead

In diesem Sinne: Kommt gut ins nächste Jahrzehnt!

Hoffentlich kein Ausblick in den Januar 2010...

Hoffentlich kein Ausblick in den Januar 2010...

2 Antworten to “Best of 2009, immer noch anders”

  1. Heuer? Oha. Daß ausgerechnet Du nach dem Wien-Dilemma noch Ösi-Worte benutzt 😉

    Ich wünsch Dir ein frohes neues Jahr, auf viele Punkte und tolle Spiele!

  2. […] procedure as last year and the year before – mein persönlicher musikalischer Jahresrückblick in […]

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