Best Of 2010 (anders immer noch): Thank You, God Above …

For draining hearts of love.

Same procedure as last year and the year before – mein persönlicher musikalischer Jahresrückblick in Liedzeilen:

Yeasayer: O.N.E

But I thought you should know: You don’t move me anymore.
And I’m glad that you don’t. ‚Cause I can’t take it anymore.

The National: Conversation 16

It’s a Hollywood summer – you’ll never believe the shitty thoughts I think.

Robyn: Hang with me

When my patience’s wearing thin, when I’m ready to give in –
Will you pick me up again? Then I guess you can hang with me.

Jens Friebe: Sag Ja

Und ich kann mich nicht richtig entscheiden gegen die Nacht.
Aber solange Du sagst, Du kannst mich leiden, denk ich drüber nach.

Girls: The Oh So Protective One

You’ve never had a doubt about yourself.
Why should you take it, then, from someone else?

Warpaint: Undertow

And I said „You’re better not to light that fire.
It will take you to the darkest part of the weather.“

I Am Kloot: Proof

Hey, could you stand another drink? I am better when I don’t think.

Crocodiles: Hearts Of Love

One of these days the love that we desire will come crawling to our door.
And we’ll find it lying there wounded on the floor.


And when the air is clear,
The way I go is the way I feel.

Belle and Sebastian: I Didn’t See It Coming

Make me dance, I want to surrender.

INXS: Mystify

I see your face, and I will survive.

Style Council: My Ever Changing Moods (in der von moi moz sehr geschätzten Klavierfassung)

The cool before the warm, the calm after the storm.
I wish to stay forever – letting this be my food.
But I’m caught up in a whirlwind and my ever changing moods.

Farewell, Ihr ollen Trümmer von 2010 ...

... welcome, blutjunges 2011!


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