Die Jahresliebsten Liedzeilen 2014

Und auch in 2014 gilt die alte Weisheit: Die Welt wäre noch beschissener dran ohne Musike.

Stars: From The Night

Sixty settings suns in my rear view and there’re thousands of infinite hours since I last saw you.

Blood Red Shoes: An Animal

So, how does it feel to reveal what you already know?

Wild Beasts: Wanderlust

Don’t confuse me with someone who gives a fuck.

Metronomy: Love Letters

Love  letters all I see on everyday I read the bits of yellow paper adressed from you to me.

Planningtorock: Human Drama

The personal is so political.

Sun Kil Moon: Ben’s My Friend

Everybody there was twenty years younger than me, I’ll leave with this, not my fondest memory.

Chet Faker: 1998

We used to be friends, we used to be inner circle. I don’t understand what have I become to you?

Nils Frevert: Schwör

Du kommst da lebend raus, spätestens im Frühjahr. Und Du flüsterst in den Hörer: „Los, schwör!“

Jens Friebe: Nackte Angst, zieh Dich an, wir gehn aus

Wir geh hin, wo die Dinge verschwimmen, wo das ewige Eis schmilzt im Drink.

Billy Joel: And So It Goes

But if my silence made you leave then that would be my worst mistake.


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