Die Jahresliebsten Liedzeilen 2015

Moi Moz ist ein wenk spät dran für den Jahresrückblick 2015 in Liedzeilen. Aber besser spät als nie. Und ehrlich, cute, cuter, the cutest David Bowie ist nicht auf der letzten Rille dazu gekommen. Vielmehr habe ich den Song an einem lauen Sommernachmittag in 2015 auf einer Wiese liegend rauf und runter gehört und dabei neu für mich entdeckt:

Julia Holter: Feel You

Is it time to dance? I’ll fall – you know I like to fall.

Blur: There Are Too Many Of Us

We pose these questions to our children, it leads them all to stray. And live in tiny houses of the same mistakes we make.

Courtney Barnett: Boxing Day Blues

I love all of your ideas. You love the idea of me.

Sufjan Stevens: Should have known better

I should have known better, nothing can be changed. The past is still the past. The bridge to nowhere.

Florence and the Machine: Delilah

Never knew I was a dancer, till Delilah showed me how.

John Grant (and Amanda fucking Palmer): You & Him

You’re so sweet I really love how you hate. You seem like someone they should chemically castrate.

Darkstar: Through The Motions

Count the hours through the motions. Stood confounded, this is soulless. Quite profound, just in small doses, You’ve amounted to the grown-ups.

Billy Joel: A room of our own

We go wrong at times, but we’ve got rights. You’ve got TV shows, I’ve got crime.

David Bowie: Modern Love

No confessions, no religion. Don’t believe in modern love.

Father John Misty: Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for two virgins)

People are boring, but you’re something else I can’t explain. You take my last name.

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