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Goodbye to dear friends and foes …

Posted in High Rotation, Soundtrack of my life with tags , on Juni 28, 2010 by moz

… from England and the U.S.:

U.S.: Gosh, you have improved terrifically since 2006! Surely much more than my English did or Germany ever will in American Football. The next World Cup might even see England performing worse than its former haven for weird religous movements. But for 2010 the US-Boys have to stick with Let’s go surfin‘ after the last sixteen.

England: Yes, it was a goal. No, you didn’t lose because of that wrongly disallowed ‚Schlenzer‘ of Lamps. Like the best English flatmate ever stated in one of his text messages yesterday afternoon: ‚In the end Germany are much too strong for England.‘ MOZ likes to add: Rooney and friends were too weak for their own great expectations. But be proud, England: You have brought the world such good things as Tea Time, Gin, FITBA, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Pop Music. We owe you a lot! Hello Goodbye until the EURO 2012!!!

P.S.: Is there any good translation for ‚Schlenzer‘?

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